We are a team of urbanists with a hybrid skill-set in planning, physical design, communications and information architecture. Together, we drive innovation and bring an equal mix of talent and effort to every challenge.

David White Principal + Founder BA, MScPl, RPP, MCIP LinkedIn

David White is a professional urban planner and the Principal and Founder of CivicWorks. Under his leadership, the CivicWorks studio has established a reputation for design integrity and great city-building across a range of built form typologies and scales of planning practice. His work is centered on leading multi-disciplinary teams through complex projects - negotiating community, political, and regulatory processes to achieve celebrated outcomes for a variety of land use and development scenarios.

David is an expert communicator, respected in the planning and development industry for his ability to conceptualize and advocate for the strategic merits of community-shaping projects that, together, enable a city's overarching vision to take hold. He ensures that all project outcomes are measured against context, policy, opportunities for innovation, and the degree to which a design proposal is communicated with clarity. Whether serving client needs, City-led initiatives or local community building efforts, his drive to achieve practical planning solutions is matched only by his passion for great design and visionary placemaking.